Guild member application


    Guild member application

    Post  Tzhessi on 12/02/13, 07:23 am

    Hi all,

    I would like to join your Forsaken World guild on the Lionheart server!
    I am a long term mmo player starting on DAoC Kay Server in the Knights of Ni guild where I was a co-guild leader.
    I am used to using teamspeak for guild communications and to organise excursions, etc.

    At the moment I am testing out 2 characters on the Lionheart server:
    - Flibberti lvl 30 MM (Precision spec)
    - Tzhessi lvl 23 Vamp (Blood spec)
    Both a fun to play although I'd be happy to roll and learn any character that would make a greater contribution for the guild.

    I'm a Aussie and I generally play evenings Sydney Summer Time, currently there's 5 hours time difference (6pm Aus = 11pm West Coast).

    I understand from reading the Forsaken World forums that there are daily guild quests to help contribute to the guild.
    I'm more than happy to do these (love questing) and help out in any other way I can.

    I'm female and live with my partner who enjoys playing shoot-em-ups with his mates more than mmo's at the moment.
    I'm a social player, happy to help others in the game while chatting about whatever the current topic is.

    Looking forward to hearing from you in game. Very Happy

    Re: Guild member application

    Post  Tzheesi on 12/02/13, 07:41 am

    Forgot to add this...

    Character name: Tzhessi (lvl 23 Vamp)

    Is this your main?
    At the moment Tzhessi is my main, however if Flibberti (lvl 30 MM) or another class is better suited for the guild needs I'll swap.

    If not, who is your main?
    see above

    How long have you been playing?
    2 days

    Do you know about guild quests/affairs?
    Guild quests - Yes
    Guild affairs - No, would my partner approve?

    Are you willing to do guild quests/affairs on a regular basis?
    Yes please
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    Guild Leader

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    Re: Guild member application

    Post  Kridina on 12/02/13, 08:45 am

    Greetings Tzhessi,

    I, or another officer, will contact you in game. I am getting on a bit later than usual, so may have missed you. We have several from Perth, so you may see them when you play and catch those early morning risers (Like myself, I am usually on between 4-5 ST)or those that have stayed up late.

    The great thing about an online game like this is the many time zones and life styles it crosses Smile


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    Re: Guild member application

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