My absence


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    My absence

    Post  Heralda on 06/02/13, 04:05 am

    Hi e1

    My deepest apologise for not being on for the last 3 weeks but problems arose in the family front and I have had no internet access. I have now got limited access so can be on from 9am-730pm my time which is most of the guilds night time. The only time I will have full internet is when I go home for my weeks r and r so 1 week in 3 I shall be able to catch up with everybody. Un fortunately I cannot go against my son in law and daughters ruling so have had to cop things sweet myself as I understand their reason for doing what they have done and it is for my benifit as well for the punishment that has been dished out to the girls so I can take it on the chin like everyone else for the sake of peace.
    I have sent the funds we had to Kolumn and will forward all the prizes, mats and money to the appropriate chars of the new accounts.
    Love you guys and have missed you all like hell.

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    Re: My absence

    Post  Kridina on 06/02/13, 08:25 am

    We have been so worried about you!

    I'm glad your safe. It's hard for me not to think 'worst case scenario'
    when someone disappears I care about a lot. I hope to see more of you soon!



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