Everything about Donations


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    Everything about Donations

    Post  VeeN on 05/02/13, 03:37 am

    this Topic for everyone in the Guild

    this toon for everyone in the guild if there are a set or scroll you want feel free to ask and if we have it its yours

    Items Sent to this Toon:
    Scrolls: (Any scroll for any class for any level)
    Gears :(Any gear of any set and class +60 only)
    Pets :(Green & Blue pets)

    this toon for everything related to Materials
    Items Sent to this Toon:
    (Any plants - Fish - Rocks - ETC. goes here)

    the Main Bank Toon

    Items Sent to this Toon:
    Cores:(Can be obtained from Leaf Market)
    Gold: (plz don't use the donation option in the game we have 10 times that what we need if you want to donate money plz send here help us to get Winners and Cores for the guild Build)
    Anything Guild Related.

    the Prizes for your work will be from this toon
    Items Sent to this Toon:
    (if you find anything you wanted to donate fit to be a weekly prize send it here)

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