New year, New Winners!

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    New year, New Winners!

    Post  Kridina on 31/12/12, 09:04 am

    First things first: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    Boy, have we grown in the past few months! Somehow, with less than 50 members, we regularly find ourselves on the 1st page in zeal for the entire server. We are small, but quite active!

    Now, for this week's Winners!

    Grand Prize: BlessesYou

    1st Runner Up: Like a Star @ heaven FyreRuby Like a Star @ heaven

    2nd Runner Up: Laughing JustinGilead Laughing

    I am proud to be a part of such a hard working group.

    I know its not always easy, working hard for the guild and finding time for your own toon's growth, but somehow...we are getting it done. Of course, there is always real life. Many of us have serious illness and chronic health conditions to deal with. Then there are those with families, work, and school.

    Never for ONE moment think we forget about real life. It's hard for me to forget in any case. I have children, a husband, a chronic health condition, and then this guild to run. I couldn't do it without YOU. You may never quite understand my appreciation for all you do, text is so inadequate...but I assure you..every day I come on, I smile knowing I have such great members that CARE.


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